JANIS von dem Borne

World Traveller and Storyteller

Meet Janis

Words have the power to inspire us and shape our reality.

The magic of JANIS is masterfully presented in the context of great storytelling.

He illustrates his illusions with plays of words. His pleasantly enchanting voice tells of adventures from around the world, which he has gathered, in part, as a professional pilot – when he is not thrilling audiences from Africa to Europe.

People are captivated by his stories – stories from another world, it seems, and yet we find
them in everyday life. He weaves his words and wonders, his tales and tricks, accompanied
by music that takes the audience to distant worlds of fantasy.

“My goal is reached” he says, “when people’s hearts are touched by my words, they discover themselves in them, and go home with a golden glow in their

Winner of international awards

He has been awarded in international competitions on several occasions, including 1st place Austria (Austrian Champion), 3rd place World Championship with "Dr. Marrax et Compagnie in The Hague", several prizes in the German Championships, and a nomination for the World Championship in Stockholm.

Namibia second home

JANIS has, after all his experiences around the world, found his "second home" in Namibia, and has been returning again and again for three decades.

Experience magic close-up

Janis even though beeing a stage performer, will bamboozle and amaze you right in front of your eyes.