Gaston Florin

Shapeshifter and Keynote Speaker

Meet Gaston

I want people to recognize their own possibilities of beeing a wonderful pleasure!

The winner of many awards and having toured the globe, Gaston combines witty entertainment with infectious enthusiasm as a performer and stage artist.

As a magician with a unique comedic talent, he has won the titles of “German Champion” and “World Champion of Magic” as well as the Sarmoti Award presented by Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas, among other awards.
As an expert in body language and a specialist in the art of transformation, he has worked for numerous theatre productions, as well as for renowned companies like Siemens, Toshiba, Novartis and Cornelsen.

Winner of international awards

"German Champion" and "World Champion of Magic" as well as the Sarmoti Award presented by Siegfried & Roy in Las Vegas.

Keynotes that inspire

Shift your perspective, sharpen your mind This lecture is about our peculiar activities as human beings, and how we can humorously experience and explore these. Which limitations can we transcend? Which role models create a burden – and which are truly inspiring? To question seemingly ironclad assumptions with a wink of the eye and perhaps to show the possibility that we can all allow ourselves more freedom – and what that might look like – is what Gaston Florin is all about. Passionate discussions are guaranteed.

Meet Jaqueline D´arc

Gaston is accompanied by the lovely Jaqueline D´arc. Event though you wont see here anywhere outside the show, she will always be with the team... somehow...

Gaston´s performances

With great humour and empathy, Gaston makes recognizing your own possibilities a wonderful pleasure!


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